Michelle A. Jarest, LMT

Massage and Integrative Therapies

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Clinical and Structural Massage Therapy

I have been in practice as a licensed massage therapist for over twenty-four years. During this time I have received advanced training in applied kinesiology, functional medicine, epigenetics, methylation, medical acupunture, nutrition, physics and healing, functional movement, and craniosacral therapy. This training allows me to take a comprehensive functional approach to massage. I look to understand why the body is responding in a certain way and why it is presenting with symptoms including, but not limited to pain, inflammation and restricted movement. Through clinical assessment and careful listening, the answer to the question will reveal itself. Then therapies will be chosen to create an individualized treatment that precisely addresses and resolves your discomfort.

My commitment is to design treatments that address what is refrered to as the Triad of Health. This takes into consideration the physical, biochemical, and spiritual/emotional aspects of health, each one having an influence on the others. This relationship is all too often ignored and can significantly impede the healing process. I am sure that everyone has experienced an injury or illness that has led to feelings of discouragement and sometimes even depression. Pain not due to an injury can be the result of an imbalance within the nervous, immune, or endocrine systems or even as the result of a current or undiagnosed medical condition. Pain can also be caused by chronic stress and unresolved traumas that can be physical or emotional in nature. My treatments are designed to uncover the root cause of your concerns so that they can be most effectively addressed and resolved.

Michelle also owns and operates Monadnock Wholistic Wellness & Nutritional Coaching. Wholistic Methylation is the process of using your genetic blueprint to identify potential health risks. Through energetic and clinical assessment and careful listening, she will take a comprehensive approach that will allow her to address your concerns and provide you with the guidance necessary to facilitate your own healing. She will be able to offer you advice that will support your immune system, decrease stress and the effect that it has on your health and maximize your overall potential for healing. This advice will come in the form of changes that can be made to your diet, lifestyle and nutrition and has the potential to totally shift anything from the most minor complaint to ongoing chronic health concerns. Please call 603-547-7310 or email monadnockwholistic@gmail.com for more information.