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A unique approach to massage that incorporates advanced training in applied kinesiology, fascial release, active muscle reset, manual muscle manipulation, lymphatic drainage, trigger point therapy, cupping, acupressure and restorative repatterning exercises. After your assessment, I use a combination of therapies to design the most effective, targeted treatment to bring complete resolution to the issue at hand. Your pain is different than anyone else’s and should be treated as such.


Active Muscle


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My Story

I have always loved helping others.  As a young child, I spent a lot of time helping my grandfather with chores and gardening as he had limited mobility and a myriad of health issues. It brought great joy knowing that I was making a difference for him and our time together will always be cherished.  As I grew older, I continued to find ways to help others by working in a retirement home, preschools and providing private care for children. Some of these children had physical limitations and challenges. I was always amazed by their resiliency and how they constantly proved that nothing is impossible. In addition, having been exposed to chiropractic at a young age by my grandfather, I have always been curious about the healing potential of the human body. Massage has provided the opportunity to continue serving others while feeding my curiosity and satisfying my passion for learning. And for me, making a difference for others is a life well lived.

Treatments for all ages and stages of life.

Brenda RoushBrenda Roush
16:58 18 Jul 24
After five years of very limited help by traditional medical professionals, Michelle has me walking stairs without pain!
Michelle B. LindMichelle B. Lind
04:42 10 Jul 24
I'm grateful to have found Michelle via a Google search. I went to her with a stiff low back, so stiff and painful, my activities were limited. Over the month we've... worked together, my low back feels much better, and even simple tasks like bending over are easier. Michelle also listened to my litany of health complaints, recommending a functional medicine doctor to help me. Between Michelle and this functional medicine doctor, I might just feel better. She's wonderful!read more
Solomon ChampagneSolomon Champagne
16:51 24 Jun 24
Michelle is such an amazing body worker. She has many techniques in her disposal to help her patients get relief. I personally enjoy how she muscle test for dysfunction... "pre" and "post". This is when she shows you how your body is adapting to the work that she is doing. Her experience, healing intention, and presence is truly unrivaled.I go to her to improve the function of my shoulders so I can enjoy sports more.I have never had a session without more
Tara SearsTara Sears
05:28 20 Jun 24
I want to share my amazing experience with Michelle! She very intentionally blends fields massage, applied kinesiology, functional medicine principles, neurology with... her genuine care and outstanding intuition. Each session with her is uniquely tailored to my specific needs, leading to effective bodywork and immediate relief of tension—this LMT goes far beyond the surface and connects symptoms to the source with her expert perspective. Her vast and specialized understanding of the body’s mechanics and her personalized care have significantly improved my overall well-being. If you're looking for a therapist who truly knows how to heal and not just soothe, she's the more
Nicholas DiackNicholas Diack
22:25 29 May 24
Michelle doesn't do traditional massage, she does something much better that I think few people understand.I was able to down regulate my brain from fight or flight... that I didn't even know I was in and I also go my back and neck aligned.Very light touch and I could be fooled into thinking actual magic was taking place.Would recommend her and have done so more
Jason RochauJason Rochau
15:42 21 May 24
I was extremely fortunate to have been recommended to Michelle by my chiropractor. She has been instrumental in my recovery process. Her knowledge was key in... understanding my injury and for once in over 3 years - my symptoms made sense to someone. I cannot recommend or say enough about Michelle’s capabilities.Thank you for all you do Michelle, you have made my life so much more more
Joey McqueeneyJoey Mcqueeney
21:20 03 May 24
Best person ever to go to if you are in pain. Would highly recommend!!!
Valerie HomanValerie Homan
19:52 26 Apr 24
Loved Michelle's work. Look forward to my next appt. I highly recommend her!
Cliff RhoadCliff Rhoad
01:28 29 Mar 24
I have worked with Michelle for a few months now. My range of motion is much improved. I also have much less upper back and neck pain. She is very knowledgeable and... explains what she is doing and more
Joanne LintjerJoanne Lintjer
14:31 28 Mar 24
I recently had a rib out of place and after being adjusted by Dr Shane Steadman he introduced me to Michelle Jarest to further my healing. She is an expert Structural... massage and craniosacral therapy specialist. The fascia, cartilage and muscles around my rib cage were inflamed and she gently and expertly massaged and moved them. The intense pain was relieved. I’m very more
Sarah MartinSarah Martin
19:29 20 Mar 24
I am a personal trainer and am very picky about who I send my clients to as I want to make sure they are properly taken care of. Michelle is one of the most knowledgable... massage therapists I have ever met. She truly knows the body, listens to your needs and goals, and gets you back to feeling good in your daily life. I personally have been to Michelle for some body work & I am amazed every time with her attention and how well I feel after leaving. Highly recommend!read more
Kathryn ThomasKathryn Thomas
21:25 01 Oct 23
Michelle is fantastic! I was a professional athlete for many years so I am very picky about who I see for body work and Michelle is someone I trust to help put me back... in place when I need it. Her intuition, experience, and knowledge make her someone I very highly more
V FoxV Fox
15:14 01 Sep 23
The only regret I have when working with Michelle is I didn't find her sooner! She is very knowledgeable and very good at communicating with you as you receive... treatment. She is patient in explaining what she is about to do and how it might affect you. I came from Utah to her upon the high recommendations and would advise anyone out of state to do the same. She is the best of the best!read more

Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect on your first visit?
Your first visit is a combination of a complete medical history, an evaluation
based on your concerns and the first step in designing a treatment plan for
you. It is important to identify which muscles are affected and it is even
more important to know why. Getting to the root cause is the difference
between relief and complete resolution.
Why don’t I use traditional scripted massage protocols?

Early in my career I noticed that the traditional approach to massage only provided temporary relief because it was very generalized and did not identify the root cause of dysfunction. I rely heavily on applied kinesiology as a means to identify the root cause and provide a very targeted treatment that will resolve the pain and dysfunction. This approach goes one step further by integrating the treatment into the nervous system creating lasting change.

Why come to me?
I have a high rate of success in treating a multitude of issues. My advanced training provides a broader perspective and the opportunity to provide treatments that integrate a number of different modalities. I am proud to have gained the respect of many doctors throughout my career and grateful
for their continued mentoring.
Who would benefit from my treatments?
If you are alive, you would benefit! What would happen if you never took your car to a mechanic? It would wear out faster, not run well and be subject to constant repair. The same thing is true of your body. Take care of it and it will serve you well, lasting you longer and saving you money on unwanted breakdowns and repairs. Remember, it’s the little things that we ignore or that go unnoticed that will compound until the body can no longer compensate for the dysfunction resulting in pain and physical limitations.
What is my greatest strength?
I love puzzles and I am really good at being able to look beyond what is at face value to identify deeper underlying patterns of imbalance and dysfunction. Over the years, I have tended to attract those that have exhausted all avenues of care, but are still experiencing pain, mobility issues, slow recovery and unwanted symptoms. I have a high rate of success with the most difficult cases. In addition, I have a strong network of practitioners that I can refer to or work in partnership with to aid in your recovery.

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