Michelle A. Jarest, LMT

Massage and Integrative Therapies

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About Michelle A. Jarest, LMT

A native of the Monadnock Region, I have been in practice as a licensed massage therapist for 24 years. At a very young age, I noticed that I could intuitively sense and identify the location of a person’s physical and/or emotional pain. Throughout the years my awareness continued to increase, especially when I began to work as a massage therapist. Out of curiosity and the desire to help others, I began to explore how I could better understand and refine this gift. Combining the many techniques that I have learned over the years with my intuitive ability allows me to design individualized treatments that more precisely and accurately address the pain and discomfort that clients are experiencing.

Outside of my practice, I enjoy singing with the Two Rivers Community Choir and the hospice choir Traversing, outdoor activities, meditation, and reading. I find that reading is an extension of my work as I am continually studying and building my skill set. Of all, my greatest joy is in spending time with my son, daughter-in-law and grandson.